School of Indigenous Studies

School of Indigenous Studies

School of Indigenous Studies

UQAT’s special partnership with Indigenous peoples has been key to our development for more than 20 years. When the School of Indigenous Studies was created, it brought together an array of academic programs developed over the years, including the seminal Certificate in Aboriginal Studies. The School is also committed to sharing its support and expertise with other UQAT departments and services to help them incorporate Indigenous values and realities into their educational offerings.

UQAT provides Indigenous students with bilingual support adapted to their specific needs. The faculty and staff of the School of Indigenous Studies and the First Peoples Service take a holistic approach to academic success, focusing on the whole person and their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs. This approach, which emphasizes interactions between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students and professors and encourages mutual learning, collaboration, and emulation, has a track record of success. The Research Laboratory on Indigenous Women’s Issues – Mikwatisiw and the Participatory Mapping Laboratory are eloquent examples of research initiatives developed in partnership with Indigenous people.


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