Participatory Mapping Laboratory

Participatory Mapping Laboratory

Participatory Mapping Laboratory


The Participatory Mapping Laboratory is a space for working with new mapping technologies. The emphasis is on participation and collaboration between students, professors and members of Indigenous communities to develop new ways of representing Indigenous relations to ancestral territories. Finally, the Participatory Mapping Laboratory is an important spearhead for the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region in that the research and mapping projects carried out therein contribute to a better understanding and better representation of the territory's cultural and environmental assets.

Research objectives

The mapping projects developed by the Laboratory serve as tools for transmitting territorial knowledge to younger generations of Indigenous people, including toponymic knowledge, Indigenous land tenure systems, traditional travel routes, portage sites and important cultural sites. These projects also make it possible to map the overlapping or superimposition of different land regimes, both indigenous and non-indigenous.

Laboratoire de carthographie participative

Indigenous Mapping Seminar

The first Indigenous Mapping Seminar was held May 12-14, 2021.

About Benoit Éthier

Benoit Éthier
School of Indigenous Studies


  • Indigenous Studies
  • Territorial issues
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Customary law
  • Coexistence

Professor Benoit Éthier is an expert on issues related to the transmission of territorial knowledge, the recognition of ancestral rights and relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. He holds a doctorate in anthropology from Université Laval. He is particularly interested in environmental changes, the territory and Indigenous mapping.

Benoit Éthier
Benoit Éthier


  • Members of Indigenous communities
  • University researchers
  • University research centres
  • Graduates


Benoit Éthier, professor responsible for the Participatory Mapping Laboratory
School of Indigenous Studies
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