Pause Reprendre

Future Students

There are several reasons why I choose UQAT

  • I want to study at a university that is approachable, a university where I have access to personalized orientation, support and supervision services.
  • I can pursue my university education from anywhere in Abitibi-Témiscamingue or from outside the region.
  • I want to study in a setting where my professors and classmates recognize me, in a setting where I feel like getting involved.
  • I want to be able to rely on professors who are available and prompt to answer my questions, with whom I can discuss about my assignments and other subjects.
  • It has specialized laboratories (Fr) and leading-edge multimedia facilities.
  • I want to discover the world through international education with the support of a student mobility scholarship (Fr) program.
  • I want to join the 14,000 UQAT graduates (Fr) who are today’s leaders in many sectors of activity.

I choose UQAT because I want to!
I choose UQAT because it’s best for me!

Last update : 12 septembre 2012