Students Services

Student Services

Support to success

Student Services

Academic Support

UQAT offers an academic support service, which provides tools and strategies to help students succeed at university. Resource people are available to meet with students individually or in groups.

Services and equipment for students with disabilities

Various adaptive equipment is available free of charge for students with disabilities. The different facilities at UQAT are accessible to persons with reduced mobility. International students with disabilities must however pay for all arrangements.

Psychosocial support and counselling

Social workers or human relations officers provide confidential counselling and support services. Free counselling services are available to full-time UQAT students who are having academic, personal, family or other difficulties.

French and English language help

Language support is offered to all UQAT students to assist those who are having difficulties in French or English. Monitors, supervised by a team of professors from the Education Department, provide linguistic revision of assignments.

Project Share

Project Share is a peer mentoring project for UQAT students at the Val-d’Or campus. This project is designed to promote the integration of new students and encourage students to persevere with their studies.

Financial Aid

Financial aid and scholarships

Support is provided to students who wish to fill out an application for financial aid from Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur’s Loans and Bursaries Program. The Financial Aid Service manages the different scholarship programs offered at UQAT, assists and counsels students.

Emergency assistance

Dépanne-moi (Help Me Out) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce student poverty on the Rouyn-Noranda campus by distributing emergency food aid in the form of grocery vouchers as well as Christmas boxes.

Fondation d’aide Lucien-Cliche (Lucien-Cliche Aid Foundation)

The Fondation d’aide Lucien-Cliche (Lucien-Cliche Aid Foundation) offers support to students on the Val-d’Or campus who are experiencing financial difficulties by providing aid in the form of grocery and gas vouchers or help buying textbooks.

Work-study and on-campus work programs

A student placement service serves as a link between students seeking employment and employers. Meetings or interviews may be planned for students, career days are organized and assistance in preparing a resume is offered.

Thanks to the work-study (Études-Travail) and on-campus work (Emploi-Campus) programs, our students have the opportunity to get part-time employment on campus.

Others services

Information communication technologies and computer labs

In addition to having wireless Internet access on all campuses, students can use computer labs throughout the region where each device provides access to hundreds of state-of-the-art software programs.


The Audiovisual Service provides students with tools they can use during classes, such as video cameras and audio recorders. This service also manages videoconferencing rooms as well as studios equipped to record counselling sessions.


The library provides access to books, journals and other documents useful for coursework and research on the university’s campuses and service centres. Several resources are available directly online through its website, not to mention the personalized support available by email.

Didacthèque learning lab

The Didacthèque learning lab is an extension of the library offering students in Education programs a specialized Educational Sciences collection of learning and teaching materials.

Student life

For an exciting student life and a unique student experience, students are invited to join one of several committees. Sport teams, university competitions, evenings at the Bistro, back-to-school activities, conferences and events are other opportunities that make university studies more interesting and help students integrate their new environment.


During the year, students have the opportunity to keep fit through sports activities (aqua­fit, water polo, step, aerobics, stretching, VIP membership, fitness room, yoga, team sports, etc.).

Other on-Campus services

Booktores and stationery stores provide you with all the materials you need for your studies. Food services (bistro or cafeteria) are offered on some campuses. These places are often used for meetings and festivities and may allow groups of students to organize activities.