UQAT Students


UQAT Students

Find out about the many student mobility opportunities that allow you to go abroad!

Would you like to experience an exchange that allows you to study abroad while remaining enrolled at UQAT?

Le The BCI Quebec Student Exchange Program (PQÉÉ) allows you to continue part of your studies, for a term or a full year, while pursuing your study program and remaining registered at your home university. The credits earned are counted as usual.

To apply

Go to the Interuniversity Cooperation Office (BCI) Student Exchange Programme website, in the Quebec students section and follow the four steps to complete the process.

Certain scholarships are available to enable you to experience life abroad!

Various scholarships are available, some of which are up to $1,500 per month for up to two terms and eight months. To find out what scholarships are available and how to apply: sae-international@uqat.ca

Other exchange experiences are available at UQAT!

For more information : sae-international@uqat.ca


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