Fonds d'urgence COVID-19

COVID-19 Emergency Fund

COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Emergency funds to support students affected by the COVID-19 crisis

In order to support the students affected by the COVID-19 crisis, the UQAT Foundation, the Dépanne-moi Committee, the Aide-Lucien-Cliche Committee as well as the AGEUQAT join forces to create an Emergency Fund. Thanks to this new Fund, students facing financial difficulties will be able to benefit from this financial assistance. This Emergency Fund aims to meet basic needs to allow students to continue their study project.

Eligibility criteria

  • To have lost their job, to have had their income reduced or to have been laid off as a result of the state of health emergency
  • Having to support yourself or your family and/or living in conditions that jeopardize your study project due to the state of health emergency
  • Not be eligible for any other emergency program implemented by the provincial and federal governments
  • You must be registered at UQAT in the 2021 winter session with a minimum of 6 undergraduate credits (bachelor, certificate) or the equivalent at the graduate level (masters and specialized graduate diploma)
  • Exchange students are not eligible for this measure

*The eligibility criteria may be subject to change depending on the development of the situation without prior notice.

*UQAT could verify your student financial assistance file from MEES, from the Finances Department or the International Office of UQAT. You may be asked for additional documents. UQAT reserves the right to cancel any request, following voluntary omissions and inaccurate information.

*All information contained in this form is treated confidentially.


No request will be processed before the withrdawal with refund date.

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Upon reception of your request, the assistance funds will be transferred within 4 to 10 work days. You will receive an email (UQAT email address) following the analysis of your file. Even if you have already received financial assistance for the winter session, it is now possible to reapply if you are registered for the summer session.

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(PLEASE NOTE: program suspended for the moment)

UQAT, the Fondation de l’UQAT (FUQAT), the Dépanne-moi committee, the Fondation d’aide Lucien-Cliche and the (AGEUQAT) UQAT General Student Association are joining forces to provide students registered to take classroom-based university courses in the 2019-20 academic year with an opportunity to obtain a desktop computer to continue their studies by a method that is not classroom-based.

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When we receive your application, we will send an email (to your UQAT email address) following our review of your application, within 4 to 10 business days.

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