COVID-19 Info

COVID-19 Info


Considering government instructions and the current vaccination campaign, UQAT is preparing for a return of almost all the training and research activities planned for the 2021 fall session to be in person in its campuses and centres as well as for the staff members. These orientations were adopted by the studies committee as well as the board of directors following various consultations with various players in the university community.

Students, including people from abroad, are expected on site at UQAT campuses and centres for the fall session.

Form on access to the buildings and declaration of state of health

Health and Safety: a priority for UQAT

The health and safety of members of the university community are always the priority that guides all decisions. Thus, this mainly face-to-face offer will involve adjustments and will be carried out in compliance with the various health measures aimed at preserving the health and safety of all.

Major orientations for fall 2021:

  • The health measures recommended by the public health directorate will be applied for all teaching and research activities as well as for work.
  • Different options are considered if the number of teaching premises is insufficient (ex: extension of teaching areas, synchronous co-modal teaching, rental of premises, courses other than face-to-face, dividing class groups).
  • If choices need to be made between different face-to-face groups, students who will be in their first session at the university will be favoured.
  • Until further notice, travel outside of Canada for all staff and students must be pre-authorized.
  • Psychological support remains a priority.
  • A formal teleworking program at UQAT is planned for staff.

Webinars for student

In collaboration with the General Student Association of UQAT (AGEUQAT), the Rector, Mr. Vincent Rousson, as well as the management team, invited students to an online meeting on Monday, May 31st. These webinars, organized specifically for current and future students, were an opportunity to present the orientations for the fall 2021 session as well as to answer the various questions and concerns.

Étudiantes et étudiants actuels
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Together, let us prepare for the return to our campuses and centres in the fall in a climate of humanity, creativity and audaciousness!


The 2020-2021 Employee Kit brings together all the information relating to the specific situation we are currently experiencing. You will find, among other things, topics such as employee security, terms and conditions related to teleworking and information security. It also presents information on the psychosocial, technical, and pedagogical support offered to teachers. Discussing with your immediate supervisor is important, particularly in the context of teleworking. This person will be able to ensure that you have all the necessary tools to do your job and guide you in the organization for any others needs.

Access to UQAT centres, campuses and service points is possible for all staff members as well as for students by following the sanitary measures in force.

For staff members:
Before entering your workplace, you must contact your immediate supervisor and you must follow the procedure available in the 2020-2021 Employee Kit.

For students:
Before entering a UQAT facility, you must follow the procedure available in the 2020-2021 Student Kit. If you want to get together as a team, make sure to reserve a workspace.

Information or special request

For more information or for any special request, it is possible for students to communicate directly with the various environments.

Campus :

Centres :

Each day that a person will have to access a UQAT facility, a form on access to the buildings and declaration of state of health must be completed to ensure the health and safety of everyone on the premises. The form is found in the 2020-2021 Studies Kit or in the Fall 2020 Employee Kit available on Symbiose.

Form on access to the buildings and declaration of state of health

Information or special request

For more information or for any special request, it is possible for students to communicate directly with the various departments.


Centres :

Thanks to its Health and Safety Team, UQAT has implemented various health and safety measures in its various campuses and centres since the beginning of the pandemic. If you have any questions, you can contact them by email at santesecurite@uqat.ca. In addition, to find out about all the existing protocols, the university community can consult the Safe Work Protocols in the 2020-2021 Student Kit and the ">2020-2021 Employee Kit.

The student or employee of UQAT who experiences symptoms associated with Covid-19 (fever (over 38°C), cough, difficulty breathing, loss of smell or extreme fatigue) or has been in close contact with a person diagnosed positive for Covid-19, must call this number: 1 877 644-4545. If, following a detection test, a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 is declared or if Public Health asks you to isolate, we ask you to inform us by writing to us at: ress.humaines@uqat.ca.

In the email, please explain your situation and leave a telephone number for a staff member to contact you.

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