2020 fall session

UQAT position on the terms of the start of the 2020 fall session issued by the government of Quebec

Following the presentation of the modalities for the 2020 higher education school year in Quebec by the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Mr. Jean-François Roberge, the administration of the “Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT)” is pleased to note that the orientations and decisions taken several weeks ago already meet government expectations. At the invitation of Minister Roberge, UQAT is, therefore, continuing to plan its fall session in the context of necessary caution.

Indeed, according to the dimensions of the premises of its campuses and centers and the arrangement of possible schedules, UQAT wishes to maximize the presence of students on site, and this, while respecting the health constraints issued by Public Health authorities. Considering the limited space of certain classrooms, it will be impossible to accommodate all the students within our walls. However, given that 50% of our student population is already choosing remote courses, UQAT is ready to welcome students when conditions allow. By June 30th, students will be informed directly by their respective departments of the proposed formula for each of their courses to enable them to prepare adequately.

To offer the best possible conditions for its entire community, the administration and the teaching staff have been working hard since last May to prepare for the 2020 fall session. In addition, Student Services are highly mobilized and overflowing with imagination to develop student activities that will energize university life and promote the success of studies as well as improved psychological support to meet different needs. Also, following the directives received, UQAT is careful to provide a protocol in the event of a rapid return of the Covid-19 virus, a protocol aimed at ensuring the success of students. The safety of all remains the priority of the University in the development of all projects.

UQAT welcomes the initiative of the Minister of Education and Higher Education to send a communication to university officials to present the course of action and priorities for the next school year. His openness, as well as his cabinet members, during the discussions, provides an understanding of the challenges currently experienced by universities, particularly the fact that the 18 educational establishments have their reality according to their situation, whether in geographical terms or directly linked to study programs.

In closing, for almost 40 years now, UQAT has represented a leader in training other than face-to-face. To offer a quality student experience, the University has developed over the years, innovative educational models aimed at motivation, perseverance and academic success. Thus, based on this model that has proven itself, a model based on humanity, creativity and audaciousness, and thanks to the involvement of all its staff, UQAT will offer a project of most stimulating studies in the fall of 2020.